Peace of Mind

Staring at the rainfall
Beyond the broken glass
Listening to the wind blow
Watch the clouds as they pass
Only one thing that I need
I cannot find
Steady hands
A clear day
And peace of mind

Watching as the workers
Mend this broken home
Feeling kinda dirty
Feeling all alone
It seems they have found
What it is I cannot.own
A clear day
With Friends they find
And peace of.mind

I watch the rivers overflow
And garbage seems to come and go…where…nobody knows
I see the forest and the trees
Water has surrounded me with words that do not rhyme
With peace of mind

Guess I really lost it
When I lost all sense of time
Staring at the ceiling
Thru broken windows to my mind
I can still see you leaving
Taking whatever you could find
My hope My dreams
My peace of mind

That was just a memory 20 years ago today
Got my life together
We watch our children’s children play
Not afraid to say I thank God everyday
For the water that came
Washed my old life away

My emotion overflows
My woman loves me more and more
Why…nobody knows
I see the forest for the trees
Innocence is still in me, these days
It’s easier to find
Peace of mind
My peace of mind


Everything I see reminds me of Caroline
People  on the beach
Waves breaking in time
Helps to clean the clutter in my mind
Leaves me alone with Caroline

A picture of a face frozen in time
I suffer over words they are hard to find
I cant tell you she is real
I cant tell you how I feel
All I know her name is Caroline

And I know the kind of damage this can do
Chasing after ghosts
Long since out of view
I can taste her lips
But I cannot find
My Caroline

The past can be recalled in many ways
Sometimes it is fleeting others go on for days and days
I gathered all the pieces I could find
Tried  to put back together my Caroline

Every word I say reminds me of Caroline
Pieces of a puzzle put together over time
I miss everything I left behind
When I started out to find my Caroline

And I know the kind of damage this can do
Chasing after ghosts
Long since out of view
I can taste her lips
But I cannot find
My Caroline

Copyright: Brien Holcombe

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Expose yourself

Type of Work: Sound recording and music
Registration Number / Date: SRu000594544 / 2005-01-28
Date of Creation: 2004
Title: Expose yourself.
Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.
Description: Compact disc.
Other Title: Brien `Holcombe`, 1958-
Copyright Claimant: on words, arr., & sound recording; Brien Holcombe, 1958-
Notes: Collection.
Names: Brien Holcombe 1958-

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Massacre Island in Mobile, Alabama

Mobile was first white settlement in Alabama
The first white settlement in Alabama occurred in 1702 at Fort Louis De la Mobile near the city of Mobile. Though De Soto had traveled through Alabama earlier, no white settlement had ever been established by him. France wanted to gain a foothold in the new World and in 1699 Pierre LeMoyne Sieur D”Iberville began to explore Mobile Bay.

Pierre LeMoyne Sieur D”Ibervilled-iberville-pierre-le-moyne01
Named Massacre Island
They landed on an island and were sickened by the appalling discovery of a mountain of bones of Indians, braves and squares – many with their heads cut off. Because of this macabre discovery, they named the island Isle Du Massacre or Massacre Island.

The mountain of bones was a burial mound that had broken open during a hurricane but it horrified the crew so much that they set sail up the Mobile River and entered the Mississippi/Alabama/Louisiana Delta Gulf Coast Region.

D’iberville declared his camp “Pointe du Mardi Gras.” He eventually settled near Twenty-Seven Mile Bluff where Fort Louis De La Mobile was built. The colony was part of Louisiana at the time and consisted of only thirty families.

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