Experian has my identity and they are thankful

Millions of iterations of this November 23, 2017 ThanksGiving email were received by Americans.

The same Americans that just a few short months ago were completely run over by another company, Equifax, both barter in the acquisition and sale of something that doesn’t even belong to them in the first place, your personal information that creates your identity profile.

Here was the email from Experian:

Funny. Experian says “Your identity is valuable. We can help protect it.” Protect it from who?

Good thing Eguifax didn’t say that.

So Experian is trying to make themselves the better of the 2, or 4 if you want to get technical. They care, and go to great lengths on Thanks Giving day to prove it.

Only thing it proves to me is this. Equifax has already been breached. It is just a matter of time before it happens to Experian.

To those at the Experian firm it might look like a fine thing to do this wonderful day, to send this caring email that expresses so much traditional American culture.

To me, it is just more good reason to put a freeze on all my accounts, Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and InNovis