Flash ESPN if it runs, nevermind.

Flash Espn:
I had been trying to get sports radio, specifically The Paul Finebaum radio show but the flash player, according to my browser, needed to be updated. Even after it would updae, it would still need to be updated. According to the information my google chrome browser was giving me.

Not true.
The reason flash wasn’t able or willing to run in the Google Chrome browser was because the browser is not allowing it to run.

Simple Fix.

Settings> Advanced>
3 dots tall
Locate the vertical 3 dots to the right hand of your browser and select that. Once selected continue to Settings> and then Advanced>

Once selected, under Privacy and security, click Control Settings
Once selected, locate the heading “Flash.”

Once Flash is selected, you will see the sites that have been given access to flash, and the ones who do not yet have permission to run flash. You either Block or Allow a site, simple as that.

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