Rechargeable 9 volt battery for acoustic guitar

Anyone who owns an acoustic guitar that has electrical battery powered components needs a break from the cost of buying 9 volt batteries every time he or she wants to play.

And what if you have multiple acoustic / electric guitars and multiple pedals and they all require a 9 volt battery just to work proper?

In my case I purchased duracell or energizer 9 volt batteries until I was sick of it.

Here was my only concern. The store bought brand of batteries I have used in my Taylor acoustic guitar fit snug, in fact so tight was the fit that I had to pry the battery compartment door open to change batteries.
couldn’t be bigger in size than what I had been using, and it had to produce enough power to run the electrical stuff on the Taylor if not on the Fender as well.

The rechargeable 9 volt battery system I purchased is this one:

…and the battery fit like it was made for my Taylor acoustic electric guitar!

So if this is your situation, trying to locate a rechargeable 9 volt batttery and charger that works on a Taylor acoustic guitar, then you should consider getting the EBL 840 9V Li-ion Ni-MH Battery Charger with 600mAh Lithium-ion Rechargeable 9 Volt Batteries (2 Pack) , Today.