Opening Pentatonic Scales

When I started practicing the caged system and pentatonic scales it seemed I was boxed in. If you have practiced pentatonic scales you know the feeling of being boxed in. Well I started exploring options and came across the Greek scales or modes as I think they are called. These opened up the acoustic guitar neck more since you have a scale that is played across 3 notes per string.

Still, the pentatonic scales stayed part of my daily practice routine. I came across a guy on his feed is titled StichMethod Guitar and he opened up the pentatonic for me with one position of the scale.

So what I did was develop all of the scales based on this new information in a format that I could see and learn from.
So here they are, the tablature, the musical notes on staff and the note placement on the guitar neck for viewing.

Again, I am not an instructor or teacher, I simply put things out here for my own ability to locate the data easily.

Also, these opened scales based on the 5 note pentatonic are completely movable up and down the guitar neck. I used the fifth fret not “A” simply as a starting place.

These Neck interpretations are based on a left handed acoustic guitar orientation
If you need to re-familiarize with boxed pentatonic scalesCLICK HERE!

Click on the individual scale pictures below to print if wanted.

position 1