Peace of Mind

Staring at the rainfall
Beyond the broken glass
Listening to the wind blow
Watch the clouds as they pass
Only one thing that I need
I cannot find
Steady hands
A clear day
And peace of mind

Watching as the workers
Mend this broken home
Feeling kinda dirty
Feeling all alone
It seems they have found
What it is I cannot.own
A clear day
With Friends they find
And peace of.mind

I watch the rivers overflow
And garbage seems to come and go…where…nobody knows
I see the forest and the trees
Water has surrounded me with words that do not rhyme
With peace of mind

Guess I really lost it
When I lost all sense of time
Staring at the ceiling
Thru broken windows to my mind
I can still see you leaving
Taking whatever you could find
My hope My dreams
My peace of mind

That was just a memory 20 years ago today
Got my life together
We watch our children’s children play
Not afraid to say I thank God everyday
For the water that came
Washed my old life away

My emotion overflows
My woman loves me more and more
Why…nobody knows
I see the forest for the trees
Innocence is still in me, these days
It’s easier to find
Peace of mind
My peace of mind