How to identify Facebook fake profile accounts using pictures.

How to identify Facebook fake profile pictures.
And keep yourself safe from yourself…lol!

Any length of time on a person spends they will encounter fake profiles and accounts that attempt to friend them. And when or if you accept that friend request…trouble can begin!

The typical fake facebook account, after you accept the friend request, will open a chat head in messenger or PM(private message) if not immediately…within hours or maybe the following day. Rest assured it will happen.

It is as if there is a playbook of things that you can expect from these fake accounts on They ask questions like “May I get to know you better?”, “How is your family?” or “Are you married and do you have kids?”.

Then the fake facebook account user may want to know your employment status, what it is you do, etc.

If you entertain these questions and treat them as if you are dealing with a real person of real intent you may very well get sucked into the maze of lies and deceit rather quickly. So you have to do your homework even before you accept the friend request. You may be of the mind that you have enough friends and would not accept the request anyway, unless you know them personally. If that works for you that is the safest way to be.

But for those of us that aren’t as safe in that respect, I will continue.

First thing I recommend doing is to visit the friend request users profile page on

Here is an example of a fake account that I can show you who it is not…I dont know who it is but it is in fact a fake facebook account.
As of this writing the account goes by the name “Lucia C Vel” and uses this as a profile picture:lucia
The very first thing you want to know is do they have friends and if so, how many. A very low friend count should be considered a warning…especially for such a young and attractive person.

Anyway, the only way you can really have a chance at unmasking the fraud is to get the pictures they use and do some forensic research on these stolen pictures that fake accounts use.

Click on the picture, right click and select “open in new tab” and save the picture. I have not been able to make this work by using the web address that returns for the hosted picture.

The first tool to use will be:

CLICK this link to begin Fake FaceBook Account Image hunt starting at Images.Google Once the link opens in the new window you will see a few images but nothing that helps us. Images.Google suggests this “For matching images, try search by image either click the link here or on the page you already have open, same thing for our exercise.

After opening a few links, I am satisfied that this is the identity of a real person named “Sandra Itzel and Lucia C Vel is in fact a fake, phony and a fraud.

Another good tool is:
Tin Eye Reverse Image Search
The tools that I use can be located at this page: