Kids Picnic Table for Easter Sunday

Easter will be here in 8 days(March 27, 2016). I have a project to complete that should be a little interesting to do. It’s a picnic table especially designed for children in the age of 5 years of age and up, but mostly designed around a child’s height in that age bracket. It was too my surprise that I could not locate a very descriptive account of the specifications for a child’s picnic table on the Internet. No big deal for a man with access to, I just made my own.

With this table of data, choosing-chair-table-sizes , and I was able to make an a picnic table design that would accommodate small people.

A little house-keeping before I move to fast forward. The cost of materials to do this project, my cost in Mobile County, Alabama, was $55.61 10% tax included. The material list follows:

(2) 2X4″-8FT pressure treated
(2) 5/4″X6″-10FT pressure treated
(3) 2X6″-10FT pressure treated

Galvanized Nuts/Bolts/Washers
(8) 5/16″X3-1/2″ carriage bolts
(8) 5/16″ flat cut washers
(8) 5/16″ hex nuts

You can download the Sketchup file if you click the link underneath the words “3D Warehouse” at the lower righthand of the above picture.

The measurements for all the parts to make this child’s picnic table are all referenced in the file. I will only offer some thoughts on what you may want to do in order to get a better completed job.

In the picture you notice on the A-frame leg assembly that the member to support the table top and the seats are angled at the bottom back going towards the legs.

Now I put the leg assembly together and marked a line 2″ down from the top of the framing member and used a framing square to create the line that goes directly back to the point where the leg member and the other two framing members intersect.

I did it because I can, no other reason. If you do not feel comfortable with this kind of cutting, then you may want to mark your pieces in place >before< you nail them together.

kids picnic table legs





You should locate a very flat surface to assemble the a-frame style leg and support members together.

Once you have the leg assemblies for the scaled kids picnic table assembled you can attache the middle support/spanner framing member to establish the tables length.
kids picnic table1






I used a pipe clamp to hold the pieces together so it was very simple to achieve a tight accurate fit. If you attempt to nail this with a hammer and nails, you may want to think about placing the a-frame up against a solid floor or wall so that it will not move around when it is hit with the hammer head.

If you are in doubt about how to achieve this, get another pair of hands involved.

Once you have the a frame leg assemblies and the spanner firmly attached to each other you can install the seat material and the table top pieces. After you place the seat material in position on the counter-levered supports you simply have to carefully measure both ends of the seat boards to make certain that they project over the support member in equal distances.


kids picnic table





The top pieces deserve the same, if not more, accuracy in placement and measuring to make certain that they all align and project equal distances on both ends of the table and on both sides as well.

If you DO NOT make these distances accurately equal (within an eight (1/8) of an inch your picnic table top will be out of square with the table legs.

Finally, the galvanized bolts/nuts and washers can be installed at the eight pressure points, four on either leg assembly as seen in the following picture.

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