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Kids Picnic Table for Easter Sunday

Easter will be here in 8 days(March 27, 2016). I have a project to complete that should be a little interesting to do. It’s a picnic table especially designed for children in the age of 5 years of age and up, but mostly designed around a child’s height in that age bracket. It was too my surprise that I could not locate a very descriptive account of the specifications for a child’s picnic table on the Internet. No big deal for a man with access to, I just made my own.

With this table of data, choosing-chair-table-sizes , and I was able to make an a picnic table design that would accommodate small people.

A little house-keeping before I move to fast forward. The cost of materials to do this project, my cost in Mobile County, Alabama, was $55.61 10% tax included. The material list follows:

(2) 2X4″-8FT pressure treated
(2) 5/4″X6″-10FT pressure treated
(3) 2X6″-10FT pressure treated

Galvanized Nuts/Bolts/Washers
(8) 5/16″X3-1/2″ carriage bolts
(8) 5/16″ flat cut washers
(8) 5/16″ hex nuts

You can download the Sketchup file if you click the link underneath the words “3D Warehouse” at the lower righthand of the above picture.

The measurements for all the parts to make this child’s picnic table are all referenced in the file. I will only offer some thoughts on what you may want to do in order to get a better completed job.

In the picture you notice on the A-frame leg assembly that the member to support the table top and the seats are angled at the bottom back going towards the legs.

Now I put the leg assembly together and marked a line 2″ down from the top of the framing member and used a framing square to create the line that goes directly back to the point where the leg member and the other two framing members intersect.

I did it because I can, no other reason. If you do not feel comfortable with this kind of cutting, then you may want to mark your pieces in place >before< you nail them together.

kids picnic table legs





You should locate a very flat surface to assemble the a-frame style leg and support members together.

Once you have the leg assemblies for the scaled kids picnic table assembled you can attache the middle support/spanner framing member to establish the tables length.
kids picnic table1






I used a pipe clamp to hold the pieces together so it was very simple to achieve a tight accurate fit. If you attempt to nail this with a hammer and nails, you may want to think about placing the a-frame up against a solid floor or wall so that it will not move around when it is hit with the hammer head.

If you are in doubt about how to achieve this, get another pair of hands involved.

Once you have the a frame leg assemblies and the spanner firmly attached to each other you can install the seat material and the table top pieces. After you place the seat material in position on the counter-levered supports you simply have to carefully measure both ends of the seat boards to make certain that they project over the support member in equal distances.


kids picnic table




The top pieces deserve the same if not more, accuracy in placement and measuring to make certain that they all align and project equal distances on both ends of the table and on both sides as well.

If you DO NOT make these distances accurately equal (within an eight (1/8) of an inch your picnic table top will be out of square with the table legs.

Finally, the galvanized bolts/nuts and washers can be installed at the eight pressure points, four on either leg assembly as seen in the following picture.

Watch House of Cards Online | Netflix

After working with chords, CAGED system techniques, pentatonic and major scales I find that I require a break. But a break for me, is simply another obsession. Football is out of the question in March. So I checked Netflix on my Roku plugin and checked my list.

Usually stand up comedy is my “go to” format for pissing away a few hours. I have watched all of Bill Burr’s specials, he is kind of like a funnier, younger version of me with worse language…so I think.

Anyway I saw “House of cards”. I had heard of this from somewhere, where I do not recall, but the political slant appealed to me at the moment.
Kevin Spacey is pretty good so accepting that he was in it I gave it a try.

So I started watching House of cards starting at Season 1, Episode 1. BINGO!

Filled my obsession with ease with no room left over for anything else as far as television goes.

So what is my point? You need an obsession too. If you work a full time job and maintain a home with all that goes with that, you have little time left to practice. And even then, you get bored with it.

So, for me, I plan my practice routine around watching episodes of this great political drama, House of cards.

Find an obsession to offset your obsession, works for me!

house of cards

A ruthless politician will stop at nothing to conquer Washington, D.C., in this Emmy and Golden Globe-winning political drama.

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Major Pentatonic Scales CAGED Chord shapes


Ok, let me say a few words about what I am trying to achieve here. I am not an Instructor, a Music Teacher or anything like that. But as I have tried to get a better understanding of the neck on a guitar and the theory that is required, I come across things and try to explain them…mostly to myself, but really to anyone that might have come across the same issues.

Like take, for example, the major pentatonic scale patterns. Now I have seen these since I began this mission back in November of 2015, the pentatonic scale patterns. Obviously the scales on this website, the guitar neck pictures have either been flipped 180 degrees vertically to reflect what a left-handed player would need to see, or the picture was drawn that way by myself.

Anyway, so I dutifully accepted that the pentatonic scales/patterns were required to learn, even if I could find no supporting reason why these scales should be learned. Whatever web pages I visited always said something of the same type,

“All modern blues and contemporary songs use the pentatonic scales”.

But even that didn’t help me to understand how to use them. Eventually I located a diagram on that, while it didn’t have any kind of definition about the scales and the chords and how they were meant to be used, I knew it would help out at some point.


So here is that point. With the same reinforcement that you may have read already, I also say to learn the penatonic scales, the shapes, and learn by repetitive practice how to do the particular shapes on any fret of the guitar neck. Practice until you are playing the scales without even knowing that you are playing. This is when you have muscle memory in your hands working in your favor.

With that said, the following graphic shows the chord shapes associated with the 5 penatonic scale shapes from above.


The chords are available and the scale shapes are available. So how difficult is it to play a pentatonic scale shape over a particular chord shape?

Not as difficult as it seems. Becoming a top notch lead guitarist does take time, however.

All we are trying to do is to advance our playing ability, understanding of the chords and notes on the guitar neck, be accurate as possible and get some personal satisfaction along the way.

With these two pieces we can move a further along in opening up the guitar neck for more advanced playing of contemporary, blues and any type of music you are listening to now.

Let me introduce the last piece to couple these two items together. If you learn the individual pentatonic scale shapes and learn the individual chord shapes you will find, in time, that your playing will be much improved as will your musical language skills.
skyscraper scales and chords merged

I have to think that if you are looking for scales then you are familiar with the chord shapes you see in the above graphic. The two shapes that should be the most recognizable are the Major Barre Chord shape “E” and “A”. These are mainstays in classic rock and as an alternative to playing chords at the nut of the guitar.

The “E” chord shape match’s with the Position 1 scale shape, the “D” shape with the Position 2 scale shape, etc.

Why am I saying “E” chord shape? Simple. The “shape” can be played at any note on the guitar neck but it will not always reflect what the root note of the chord is. If you play the “E” shape chord shape on the fifth fret it will produce a Major Chord with the root of “A”. But the scale pattern, Position 1, follows it.

No matter where you play this chord on the neck, no matter what fret it is played at, you will use the Pentatonic Position 1 scale pattern for embellishment or potential lead guitar licks.

If you choose the chord shape “A” as your practice target then you will use the pentatonic position 4 scale pattern for attempting lead guitar licks or to embellish the sound of the chord as it might sound while being playing in one of your song arrangements.

A word on the CAGED system.

As I find time I will offer my interpretation as to how to use this as a mechanism to not only better define the note names on the guitar neck but to learn better the chords associated with this placement and how that will really multiple your musical arrangement techniques.