Musical notion from fretboard to ledger

My practice routine was getting boring. I came across a very nice notation software called MuseScore. It is supported by and is for musicians, built and maintained by like minded persons.

It took me a few minutes tinkering to get a better understanding of the interface, but eventually I was able to take the graphix I have on modes and turn those into musical notation with TAB notation (tab is short for “tablature”. Tab notation is a simplified way to transpose musical notation to be read by players of stringed instruments, e.g.guitar, mandolin, banjo, lute etc.

The good thing is, you do not require either a left-handed or right-handed version. Personally I wanted exposure to the musical notes as they apply to a guitar neck and where are they located no the ledger.

Definition: Aeolian mode

Definition: Locrian mode

Definition: Ionian mode

Definition: Dorian mode

Definition: Phrygian mode

Definition: Lydian mode

Definition: Mixoldian mode

What does 3NPS stand for? 3NPS is an acronym for “3 Notes Per String”

Authors note:
While these scale patterns could have all been given representation at the lower end of the guitar neck it is good practice to move around the fret board if only for better memory muscle and dexterity. So as you learn one of the scales you are free to try it starting at any fret up or down the fret board.