Left Handed Acoustic Guitar Scale Patterns

Left Handed Acoustic Guitar Scales / Patterns / Shapes

Being left handed has always come with certain challenges when it comes to the interpretation of musical notation for guitar. The problem never presents itself when playing guitar with others that are right handed. That is like looking into a mirror, from my left handed point of view, and is easily recognizable as to where the players hands and fingers are on the fret-board.

But reading typical chord and scale pattern pictures is different since it is all presented from the right handed perspective.

I have a few scale graphics that I have been using, but they have been digitally reversed so I could better resolve to my real world view of right to left as it pertains to the guitar neck and interpreting right handed scale presentation as represented using pictures.

Hope this helps you as much as it has improved my practice time.

3 note per string (3NPS) graphic:
It may at some time later become more pressing to know the names of these modes/scales, not pertinent to me at the present. But I will include the names if nothing more than to practice Greek.

1. Aeolian / Natural Minor

2. Locrian

3. Ionian / Major

4. Dorian

5. Phrygian

6. Lydian

7. Mixolydian

For a clear understanding of what these modes / scales are, where they came from and how they fit into what music is, please go to: