Taylor 210ce-K-DLX Koa Deluxe Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

I am going to purchase either this guitar: or one exactly like it in the coming weeks. The dreadnought body style is the key for my personal tastes. I already auditioned the: Taylor 214ce-K-DLX Koa Deluxe Grand Auditorium Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar koa-sides-and-back I had it for 14 days and never could get over the high action at the 12th fret.

The transaction was started thru Guitar Center here in Mobile,Alabama [su_gmap]. It took every associate in the house to order a left-handed 210ce Deluxe Koa Dreadnought Taylor guitar. I think it was the very first special order on this particular model…did I mention it is a left-handed guitar? Left-handed items seem to always be more difficult to process for the right-handed world.