Android Apps for Guitar Music Theory

I have installed many android apps for guitar music theory or basic scales, pentatonic / Circle of fifths apps. Also began looking at Tabs / Notation, song lyrics and tabs, etc.

The short answer is. Some do what the apps say.
Others of the android apps do not go the distance in expressing the intended goal of the app.
Still, each one has virtue of some sort even if it was not the Android App Authors vision.

FanDuel fantasy football select tools to help you win

I got into FanDuel as a natural fit since I have been involved in Fantasy Football for 15 +/- years. I figured Since I was pretty good at fantasyfootball then I could be just as good at Fanduel weekly fantasy.

Well, I did win the Championship at Yahoo.Fantasy Football since I have collected several tools that you cannot play accurate weekly fantasy football games without.

Let me show some of the tools I use and maybe a short explanation about how they can help.

First you have to know which teams are playing. You can get this scheduling information from,, or where-ever you visit for your sports updates.

Second you should check the spread, what the odds-makers are saying about which football team may win and which football team may lose and by how many points. ESPN/nfl/lines has a weekly consolidated list from oddsmakers around the web and is kept up-to-date throughout the entire season.

Once you know who is playing and have the Insiders ideas on who >they< think is going to win, it is time to get down to the business of picking the match-ups in the games that lean in the favor of individual players to be successful at the job they do. Week “??” Fantasy Football Projections is an unofficial and independent source of data
The above links are two websites that I use to get data on offense/defense and individual players and how the player matches up to the coming weeks opponent.

After all of that, I make my picks at FanDuel and try to win. It is difficult to get a solid win. Below I have a graph of my wins/losses over the last 16 weeks up to and including the Conference game between Denver and the Patriots.

As a matter of how difficult it can be to win the big money, in the AFC Championship game I was able to climb to the 529th place of 28735 positions or 98.16 percent! I won $10.00(USD)! In a 50K game you have to hit the top percent of the last 1 percent to get it.

Taylor 210ce-K-DLX Koa Deluxe Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

I am going to purchase either this guitar: or one exactly like it in the coming weeks. The dreadnought body style is the key for my personal tastes. I already auditioned the: Taylor 214ce-K-DLX Koa Deluxe Grand Auditorium Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitar koa-sides-and-back I had it for 14 days and never could get over the high action at the 12th fret.

The transaction was started thru Guitar Center here in Mobile,Alabama

. It took every associate in the house to order a left-handed 210ce Deluxe Koa Dreadnought Taylor guitar. I think it was the very first special order on this particular model…did I mention it is a left-handed guitar? Left-handed items seem to always be more difficult to process for the right-handed world.